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FAQ Monster Workshop- Please Read

Here are some of our popular questions answered. If you do have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to drop us an email.

-When can I expect to recieve my order?

Orders are usually dispatched within 3 working day's, (if they are currently in stock) except our plush Art products which can take a little longer due to the amount of work that goes into each piece. You will be contacted shortly after placing your order giving you a more accurate delivery date. (which in some cases could take up to four weeks.)
Delivery usually takes 2-3 days in the UK and overseas deliveries can take up to 5 working days. Please also note that deliveries can be delayed due to public holidays and adverse weather conditions. Agian if you have any futher questions regarding deliveries please contact Paul at [email protected]
-Can I get a Custom Monster Made?

Yes, we'd be happy to make you your very own custom monster of any size,
colour and design we have available. Just drop us a line at : [email protected]

-Are the Monsters suitable for young children?

These hand made monsters are intended for people of ages 15 and up.
They are strictly not toy's and contain small parts which makes
them unsuitable for young children, it is therefore up to parental

-Are the Monsters all made by hand?

All our Monsters are lovingly hand made and each unique, not from a factory
production line.
We source the finest/softess and most huggable luxury quality faux furs.
Many of the Monsters have arm armatures, allowing them to be plausable,
bent into a number of positions, even hang them on things
(check monster’s description).
Every effort is made to ensure that the final Monsters are made of the
highest quality.

-Who designs the monsters?

All Monsters are designed and made by the Monster Workshop founder,
Paul Vincett......May the Monster revolution begin!

-What Inspired Monster Workshop?

Much of my own work is inspired fundamentally by animals and issues
surrounding them. The idea of Monster Workshop was inspired by real
life examples of domestic animal cruelty that continues to exist
around the world.

Through Monster workshop We hope to highlight these issues and raise
awareness of ongoing animal cruelty and its prevention, helping promote
kindness to animals.
This is why Monster Workshop donate to the RSPCA
(Registered Charity no. 219099) in England and wales, to help go towards
rescueing animals that have suffered greatly through human neglect and
narrow mindedness.

For more information about the RSPCA please check out the RSPCA's website at: